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The MOPACT project provides the evidence upon which Europe can begin to make longevity an asset for social and economic development. The project brought together a multidisciplinary team to target the key challenges of ageing.

This ambitious project ran for four years from March 2013 to February 2017 and included a unique collaboration which drew on 29 partners in 13 countries across Europe to study the interfaces between the changing demographic profile and its economic and social impact. The consortium comprised a multi-disciplinary group of leading researchers who proposed innovative ways to realise active ageing in Europe.

The project supported the goals set by Horizon 2020 and the European Innovation Partnership in Active and Healthy Ageing to increase average healthy life expectancy across the EU through a series of policy, practice, service developments, product development and innovations required to support this aim.

The MOPACT aim was to develop the research and practical evidence which would enable Europe to ensure its ageing population is an asset to its society and the economy.

Portrait of an elderly man